Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blog Redesign

With the beginning of summer I found myself bored and severely design deprived, so I decided to work on my blog.

Blog before the redesign:

In need of some help

I started by working with my name:

I then added the van icon to these:

Then I started Applying these to banners: 

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

In the final banner I chose to use a tree to visualize and allude to the art and design process of organic growth, which I am quite inclined to in my work. The bracket that the tree grows from encompasses all of my work as the user scrolls down. This emphasizes that this is my collection of work. 

Banner Typeface: DIN 30640 Std Neuzeit Grotesk Bold Cond
Body Copy and Headers: Georgia

UPDATE: After an inspection of the man jumping the van I noticed that the quality of my pen tool work from fall semester was a little lack luster. I decided to redo this little man using the skills I learned making the icons for my circus culture project. I like the comparison of the two as the huge difference in quality is quite apparent. 

After placing the new high detail version in the banner I noticed that the new details at such a small size made the legibility worse and the edges started to blur. I decided I still needed a simple version to use for small scale work so I cleaned up the old version to use for those special occasions.