Monday, August 27, 2012

MX: Community

The first community I felt that I belonged to was the art community. I identified myself with the more liberal students that were beside me as opposed to the highly conservative students I went to school with. With the new artsy students I found an acceptance of difference and individuality in the pursuit of creativity. North Face vs. paint splattered clothes.

Another community I feel I belong to is the Reddit community. Though we do not know each other intimately we share the same love of sharing what we find on the internet and in our lives. Reddit also has subreddits where members can ask for help and share their problems. Most responses are truly trying to help and you can find compassion.

As an introvert these communities feel like a home for me. They give me engagement in social activities, but do not overwhelm me and suck out all of my energy. They allow you to be an individual without the pressure of conforming to a acceptable norm.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

First MX Post

I agree with the theory of multiple intelligence, and the separation into multiple abilities which are more specific than the current system, which relies heavily on reading and math.  The multiple abilities account for what is missing from the standardization of testing; the inevitability of individuality in the challenges of educating large groups of students. I do not believe having a preference or natural talent in any one ability over another ability limits what a person can achieve. I believe that humans have a universe of possibilities within themselves. To say one person can not learn something is to discredit the entire human race and what we are capable of. It is possible to be cynical of the motivations behind human actions, but to question our possibility to do amazing and unforeseen things is too far. Human creativity, rationalization, perseverance, and adaptation is critical for us in forging our futures, as it was in our past. There are schools of thought that believe that the first critical step in our becoming humans was when our first ancestors started creating what was deemed as nonessential goods like jewelry and decorative goods.

After doing the test to learn what type of learner I am, Type 2, and looking at the list of qualities for this type I have been affirmed of what I believed earlier. My strength lies in ideas, and the conceptual world, which I work out of to reach the empirical. After this process I learn from the concrete to further inform my ideas in the future. I examine the relationships between the material and the essence. I live in my head and question all.

After watching the Ken Robinson video, for what I feel like is the billionth time, I have mixed feelings. The standard for education, math and reading, is essential for some life processes and success. I also believe math and reading are highly critical in learning other abilities. Math and reading act as a base for other abilities to grow on top of. Sadly these other higher abilities are not covered with the same importance or amount of time in pubic education. Analyzing while reading and understanding the abstraction and arbitrariness of what we deem as concrete leads to questioning. Those who question are hard to control so its not really surprising critical thought is not stressed through creativity for the sake of malleability and control of the masses. Too many free thinkers could be scary for governments and their sponsors, the corporations. I do not believe the lack on emphasis on the arts, deep critical thought rooted in rationalization, and free thinking individuality came about arbitrarily.

Charles Leadbeater offers a new form of education that is rising in developing countries. This education stems at the beginning from a search for a specific answer and not the imparting of general knowledge. The student begins the process of learning by finding what is important to them. I believe this relates with the instinctual need to survive in humans. Our interest lies in what we feel is best for us and furthers our worth. I also feel that economically this would be a better system as the student starts earlier learning skills that would be important for their means of supporting themselves and what they have to offer to others in their community. Less time would be wasted on subjects or skills that are unimportant to the student. The search for the answer will begin when it is pertinent.