Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Moving Forward From User Experience

Moving forward from this class I will take with me the ability and processes needed to research my audiences. This will help me specifically target my audience and give me a better chance in succeeding in my communication with them.

Hand Built

To conceptualize the event’s name, we created our artifact’s aesthetics from hand shaped play clay objects. This works well with our proposed Art Tent activity, the Play Clay Workshop.

We wanted to literally touch on the notion of hand built sculptures by hand building sculptures and allowing the kids to do the same. As the children visit each sculpture on the map, they will collect color packets that can be used to dye their own play clay when they make it at the art tent workshop. The children can then create their own sculptures and work on a huge group masterpiece.

Families and groups who participate in the event will receive this envelope when they enter the sculpture park. The envelope itself acts as the map, while containing an informational booklet.

As they move through the sculpture park, the envelope can also serve as a container for color packets of all the children as they visit each sculpture.

The inside of the booklet has information about all of the activities that are occurring during the celebration. It also provides further information about each sculpture to allow for another level of interaction.