Monday, November 29, 2010

Reach out and Read Iterations Pt. 3

With the expire removed and the leading manipulated. 


the taxonomic class within the mollusks, commonly known as snails and slugs.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Reach out and Read Iterations Pt. 2

This new set of iterations was based off of the last iteration that I posted.  These new ones have a lighter feel that combats the mature feeling of my past iterations.  To create this lighter feel I shot in natural light, used a different more colorful background book, and introduced the idea of using toys to portray childhood. I also zoomed in on the bookcard as my subject so the the typography would, through graphic hierarchy, become more dominate in the poster.  Past iterations had the card too small and this lead to image dominant posters that were harder to understand at a distance.  

Paul Rand and Stephan Bucher

Paul Rand believes everything graphic is art, but he also believes in form and concept. These two principles cannot be without each other and still exist. With the current project we are relying heavily on form and concept.  Without the concept behind our forms they wouldn't make sense or really be relevant to our haikus.

Stephan Bucher creates drawings and animations of monsters.  From his video I grasped onto the idea of the person behind the art.  The viewer should be able to look at anything and be able to see the creator behind it.  By doing this the artist has truly created something that is apart of himself.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reach out and Read Iteration

Iteration one of five.  The quality of the photos for this set of iterations would have to be worked on, through a reshoot, to make them sharper and cleaner.

Motifs with Typography

The final typeface I used was Avenir Lt Std in light oblique.  It is both light enough and simple enough not to take the viewers attention away from the motifs. The thin wispyness of the letters add to the images by showing and giving more reference to the meaning and experience of the haiku.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Now in sad autumn
as I take my darkening path
a solitary bird.

Different placements of type:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Out taxonomy will be first split up between natural and man-made items.  These two groups will have four items each and there will be four marks per item.  The marks will be the item inked and dragged, inked and impressed, charcoal coated and dragged, and charcoal coated and impressed.

Each mark will be placed on its own page, which will be 5 in by 8.25 in and off-white.  The cover won't be very thick but will give a sturdy structure.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

now in sad autumn

Now in sad autumn
As I take my darkening path
a solitary bird

The first part of this project was to create thumbnails for each line of the haiku that would represent the entirety of the line with the emotional content.

Initial thumbnails (refined)

   Now in sad autumn

   As I take my darkening path

   A solitary bird

First set images created through mark making.

Now in sad autumn
As I take my darkening path
A solitary bird
Refined construction of images

   Now in sad Autumn

   As I take my darkening path

   A solitary bird

As I worked on the last set of images I started to use marks that related more in shape with the thumbnails than I had previously.  The initial set of images using marks were created using a linear tool so even if i wasn't drawing with it the images still appear to be drawn.  Switching to shape orientated marks gives each image more cohesion and takes the images to where they appear to be within themselves singular and whole.