Friday, November 30, 2012

Behoof Final Video and Stills

Behoof from Erika Goering on Vimeo.

iPad - Community
tap on header
tap on the map

drag the options tab down

fill out information and tap the search icon

tap the top broccoli icon

tap the RSVP Now link

read comments and info

iPad - News
tap the image
tap the article about animal shelters

after reading drag the sidebar over

tap bryan to start a conversation

drag the sidebar back to the left to reference the article while chatting

continue conversation

iPhone - Before You Go
tap the advance options search icon

fill out info

tap search

tap blue nile cafe

tap menu

view menu

iPhone - Second Look
tap on the screen

view product through iPhone camera to scan product

tap confirm

read company info and scroll down

fill out info and tap save

view alternatives

Website - Ordering Food Online
click on the image

click Mud Pie

click gray items to see details. add items to cart. view cart

review order confirmation

Website - Hub
click on image

click and drag the sidebar's tab 

click on analysis

view your behoof info and scroll down

view your behoof activity compared to other users

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rosedale Lunchroom Redesign Final Presentation

Rosedale Middle School Lunchroom Redesign

Rosedale Volunteer Work

Erika and my volunteer work for Rosedale was to drive around the area and take photos of notable and interesting pieces of the Rosedale landscape and culture. We ended up driving around for an hour and tired to get lost the best we could inside of the area to see things that we hadn't been introduced to before in the initial tour by the RDA. Somehow we still ended up by the Sauer Castle, but we also got to see new things like the huge, sweet drive-in theater sign. We also found a rather interesting bull statue perched above a local pawn shop. These pictures are for the Rosedale community newsletter and will be part of the Rosedale quiz section where locals try to figure out what something is from the image provided. The newsletter is in grayscale, so we went ahead and treated the images for strong contrast.