Monday, March 7, 2011

Typographic Campaign

Using quotes and research we created a campaign that informs Kansas City residents about Graphic Design for the local television news station, KCPT. We applied experimental typography along with station identity and other information to billboards, bus wrap-around ads, and a television interstitial.

My campaign was to highlight how design is supposed to act as a persuasive force while not being overwhelming. Design is supposed to bring our attention to whatever is being highlighted not to the design itself.  

To show this concept in my billboards and bus wraps I decided to work with hierarchy in the typeface weights. Aspects of design that are considered positive are slender and not attention hogging. My color palette is subtle as to suit my campaign. The experimental type that I chose for the billboards and bus wraps either contains elements that are invisible, allude to invisibility, or contain persuasive properties. With the buses I wanted to use the experimental type as a persuasive force pointing the viewer and potential bus rider to the door. 

In the tv interstitial I again used the hierarchy change in the text that appears.  The experimental type is used to visually show the difference between the the concept of bad design and good design. The black v's which represent bad design fall onto the screen clunky and then slide and fall off with their weight.  The white v, or good design, appears subtly and then fades out cleanly. After the white v disappears the black v's start to fall in pursuit once again showing design's persuasive qualities. 

Final design:

First Steps:

Text as image:

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