Sunday, September 25, 2011

Final Vanguard Jazz Orchestra Poster

The initial concept for the poster came from a quote from the band. When asked who fronted the band, the members responded the music. Knowing this I decided to emphasis the music over any particular member or members. My process was to create a collage that was playful, experimental, dynamic, and still be structured like a jazz arrangement. I wanted the music to explode off of the sheet music paper background. The colors then introduced are visual representations of repetition, phrasing, tone, and their history dating back to 1966. Lines that were kept black reference classical music notation such as the staff and other various musical notation.

The type was handled to reference the band's members. I used different typefaces to represent the fact that this is a big band of sixteen musicians with different personalities that act together in unison. Forcing the name off of the poster was done to reference the normal venue of the band, The Village Vanguard. The club is very small for a band, big in number of musicians and sound, to squeeze into every monday night.

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