Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wk3: First Presentation, Objective, & Detailed Schedule

Revamp the aesthetic landscape of the blues to make it more appealing to younger people though 5 modern album covers and a promotional reel that lives on the internet that showcases how modern music is directly linked in its origins to the blues. 

5 album covers
1 promotional motion reel

Formal Concept
Showcase a narrative from one song on each album cover. The song's conflict or moral dilemma created by the juxtaposition of overlaid transparencies containing single images, graphic elements such as lines and shapes, and color fields. 

Added Feb 20th
Perhaps explore the use of cut out imagery.
construction paper planes.
These bring in depth.

Perhaps use a background collage of cut out things with transparencies on top of them

18 - 30 year olds

Album - Song (theme)

Howlin' Wolf (1910 - 1976)
Howlin' Wolf - Down in the Bottom (running from being killed)

Robert Johnson (1911 - 1938)
The Complete Recordings - Preaching Blues (Up Jumped The Devil) (feeling blue)

Leadbelly (1888 - 1949)
Last Sessions - I'm Alone Because I Love You (cheating/past lover)

Son House (1902 - 1988)
Father of the Delta Blues - Death Letter Blues (death)

T-Bone Walker (1910 - 1975)
The Complete Imperial Recordings 1950-1954 - The Sun Went Down (unrequited love)

wk 3
m: formal presentation of wk 1-2
w: refine concept, audience, artifacts, etc. based on feedback. Pick albums/ artists to use. 

wk 4
m: Figure out what each cover should "say" or what the story should be. start amassing imagery to tell these stories
w: start designing first cover to test transparency process

wk 5
m: presentation wip (show first cover)
w: edit first cover. start on covers (2-5)

wk 6
m: presentation wip (show all covers)
w: edit covers based on feedback. 

wk 7
m: mid-term presentation (show series of covers)
w: start storyboarding motion reel/Find Footage of blues artists

wk 8
spring break

wk 9
m: start motion reel in aftereffects
w: continue working on motion reel in aftereffects

wk 10
m: present wip (show motion reel)
w: edit and make changes to motion reel
start formal presentation

wk 11
m: 1st draft formal presentation
w: refine formal presentation and designs

m: 2nd draft formal presentation
w: refine formal presentation

m: final presentation

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