Monday, April 22, 2013

[p3] Production

we've been getting down on some PRODUCTION. 

I, in all of my small-and-steady-handed glory (abby said this). fashioned these tiny international variations on the hot dog out of clay last night—15 in all. there's a penny in the images for scale; check out how small they are!

we've decided that the overall form of our monument will be a giant sundial, with 15 different hot dogs representing 15 different cultural variations spread out across 15 different hour markers around the circumference (phew). after some quick mocking up at 1/2 inch scale, we figured out our measurements  and how much space we'll have to work with as far as graphics to accompany our hot dogs. one moment we're particularly excited about is the challenge of designing both sides of the triangular concrete sundial—one side will feature a timeline of hot dog history ("the rise of the hot dog," if you will) and the other will go into detail about the culture and convenience of the hot dog.

more to come soon!

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