Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wk 11: record labels, print testing, and the presentation

At the end of last week I ran my first cover to be test printed. The thick paper took the ink well and the type on the back came out clean but the black type for the artist name on the front was slightly dulled so color corrections were needed yet again. I also had to look into the method in which i score the edges for folding and how it relates to the grain of the paper. I spent the rest on the week working on the circular labels that appear on the vinyls themselves.

After getting the labels onto all five records I restarted over on the new final presentation book. The front cover will be a transparency with a large black area referring to a record. The next page which will also be a transparency will contain my process notes and hand drawn sketches. Here the reader will learn about my experiments and the rules I set. This second page will show through the white area of the front cover to bring the overlapping that i have been doing for the past 11 weeks to the very beginning of the book. Following this will be a plain sheet so the reader can actually read the process page and then all of my transparencies will be binder clipped to these initial pages.

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