Monday, April 1, 2013

sx: made for you

Jessie and I have finished building our model, so now we're moving forward with the exhibition branding.

Since beginning this project, both Jessie and I have realized the importance of the quotidian aspect of Dieter Rams' designs. As functional and rational as he approaches his designs, the ultimate goal is to relate the final product with the people he designs for. The concept of people and their everyday lives is what resonated deeply with us; our inspiration for the exhibition can be gleaned from this quote:

You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people; design is made for people.

Design is made for people. Design is made for us. Design is made for me. Design is…

Made For You 

There you have it. Our exhibition title: Made For You: A look into the 10 principles of Dieter Rams. 
Each of Rams' principles addresses the issue of sustainability; however, he addresses the principles more as a call to action. By adhering to these "guidelines", your designs can properly be made for people, made for you. After all, Rams' lifework was dedicated to designing things made for you.

We're still in the process of exploring the logo/branding but here are the explorations we have so far.

And the stylesheet of course:

We are going to use the Univers Lt Std family. The various weights echo the flexibility of Rams' designs, especially that of his 606 shelves for Vitscoe. Our secondary pops of color are used sparingly, as Rams would approach his products. We are also going to take a lot of inspiration from the shapes seen on his products; this is not limited to circle patterns, rhythmic line work, and varying modular shapes. 

 Quiet, comfortable, understandable and, most importantly, long lasting.

It's often said that "Home is where the heart is". Okay so maybe it's beaten over the head, but it's still a universal truth. Rams' work seeks to improve the home life it would seem. His work fits a certain lifestyle, one with the attributes seen in the quote above: quiet, comfortable, understandable and, most importantly, long lasting. This is why we've decided to replicate elements of a home in the exhibition. The home shapes us as people.

We plan on having interactive elements within typical home furnishings. This is not limited to tables, wall screens, and even picture frames. Below is an example of a possible environmental wall graphic. 

An example of an interactive wall space would be the 606 Shelves. Images of his product and even just like, house plants or books will fade in and out. We are proposing an iphone tour guide that offers extra information. In this case, the iPhone would provide more information about the razor seen (it wouldn't repeat plaque information, unlike how it's currently shown in the example below)

Another interactive feature would be on the tables; an interactive timeline of Rams would be accessed. What we will show is his period of works during his time at Braun. We're thinking of titling it "Brains + Braun". The famous navigation wheel would be used to control the kind of information being shown in addition to the swiping gesture. 

We also have a shower head idea that we'll get to in a later post. So there's the wrap of Spatial so far! Now we await to hear ram(s)ifications of our current designs!

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