Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Typo, Can I get an "a"

Three years ago I bought a vinyl version of Led Zeppelin's compilation album Mothership. The quality of the product and the beauty of its packaging affected me greatly. The thought that went into its packaging design as well as the care put in producing an album cover that truly captured the essence of Zeppelin grabbed my attention and made me think. It pushed me to immediately started drawing. After taking art classes in high school I decided to go to art school instead of majoring in mathematics. Sorry Mom.
During my first year at the Kansas City Art Institute I found a new love. Posters. The way the colors, images, and words all mingle together can be described as nothing short of magical. Off to Graphic Design I went. I'm currently in my first week of design and I am learning the basics of design. Whew. I'm glad because I do not really know anything about design essentials or the computer programs used.
My first class was Form, Color, and Production which is giving me the tools I need to start designing. Pictures of what I have been doing in that class will be posted later tonight. My second class was typography. I know most people would probably stab their eye out before taking a class about fonts but I love the little differences betweens fonts that give them their personality. Plus learning all the terminology for typography suits my nerdy side just perfectly. Though next class I need to remember to bring a pencil. Drawing the letter "a" with pen is horrible. My last class was Visual Communication. We are being taught how to break down concepts abstractly to find their essential meaning and how to display these meaning visually and in many different ways.

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