Sunday, August 29, 2010

Typo, Bodoni

Bodoni moves away from fonts that are based on handwriting and starts to become more machine like. It is highly geometric but still retains a few naturalistic curves that become hidden in between the hard lines of the letters. They become little treasures that are waiting to be found and give the letterforms their distinctive personalities. Bodoni’s stroke weights are highly contrasted going from extremely thick to lines that are minuscule on the same letterform.

My Bodoni Y has thin serifs that extends from the main stokes. These serifs have no brackets, though. There is no transition from stroke to serif and they meet at angles. This letter also has a crotch where the two strokes meet. It also has an arm, which is caused by the short stroke that comes inclined vertically off of the stem. The left side of my letter contains the stem, or the main stroke found in my letter.

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