Thursday, August 26, 2010

VisCom Little Black Dots Floating in My Vision

Today I worked on my homework for Visual Communication 1. Given a list of words, we had to break them down to their essential meanings. Their abstract basic blocks. I made 5 thumbnails per word and found some words harder to create abstract visual representation for. I would finish all the sketches for a word and would immediately find the ones I liked and the ones I thought were lacking.
After I came back from class however I found that my thumbnails had become something extraordinary. Their rough sketchiness created a personality and for every single dot casting them as characters in a sixty pane comic. After this discovery I found it easier to relate to the dots and they started to convey emotional context to the words that I had based them off of. I felt sorrow for the dots under the heavy stress which I had placed upon them and I found myself cheering for the dots that were escaping their captivity. My choices for my final three compositions were the words Escape, Cooperation, and Pressure. Which appear in this blog in the order that I listed them.

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  1. You were viewing your thumbnails as a "storyboard".

    In the next phase of the project (when it becomes a series of pages) I encourage you to really work on exploiting (more deliberately) this sense of "time" and "narrative" towards your advantage.