Sunday, August 29, 2010

VisCom, Historic Design Find and Share

My find and share is a Stenberg Brothers poster for the Russian film Man From the Forest. The first principles that are noticeable are scale and framing. The size of the large face brings it to your attention as the most important subject in the poster. The framing of the poster cuts off the face, which dramatizes the face by making it larger than the other figures in the poster. The Brothers also used layers as the stem from one of the Russian letters extends well beyond its baseline and overlays the rest of the poster. The last design principle used is asymmetry. On either side of the elongated stem there are two subjects. One is a partial face while the other is a partial body. The complimentary coloring balances each other out while still not being symmetrical.


  1. Based on the images you chose to post for both the Find+Share and Why design?, I see a theme. Looks like you're really attracted to work from the Russian Constructivist period (the Zeppelin Album is a parody). Check out the work of designers Malevich and Rodchenko.

  2. Thank you for the recommendations! I looked them both up and they are absolutely wonderful. I love the way russian constructivism looks. Thank you for giving me the name for the art movement!