Sunday, August 29, 2010

Viscom, DOTs!

What can dots do for you? They can give headaches for one, but they can also demonstrate the principles of design quite nicely too. After viewing the dots as characters in a play it becomes easy to assign them roles in a visual compositions in which they need to convey a certain abstract meaning. This time however we were allowed to use found images to help boost the impact of the dots. After twelve hours, 96 sketches, and 12 compositions Michael Armstrong and I completed our roles as dot art directors. After we were done with our group projects I still had work to do with the original dot compositions I had made. I had to refine an earlier one and then remake it with found images.

Word: Escape
Principle: Proximity

Word: Chaos
Principle: Framing

Word: Spontaneity
Principle: Scale

Word: Cooperation
Principle: Alignment

Word: Pressure
Principle: Framing

Word: Growth
Principle: Scale

Word: Unity
Principle: Compound Shape

Word: Escape (refined)

Word: Escape (refined with images)

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