Sunday, August 29, 2010

VisCom, Why Graphic Design?

My interest in design started fairly recently. Three years ago I received Led Zeppelin’s Mothership album for my birthday and was struck by the qualities of the packaging. The front cover was highly stylized and embodied the big sound of the music it held. It was a visual representation of the music inside. The only colors used were red, cream, and black. The simplicity of these colors but the way they were used I found remarkable. Luckily at the time I was just starting my first art class in high school. I was moved to start studying art more thoroughly in hopes of one day creating great designs. Before attending KCAI I went on several tours of the school, which included tours of the design building. The posters I saw in the building convinced me that I had to go into graphic design.

The readings support my ideas of Graphic Design, which came from viewing my Mothership album packaging. It also expanded on why the design of the packaging was created in the way that it was. A printmaker that used his specialty to create a design that worked best for communicating the feeling of classic hard rock music created the design. He also gave the design an attitude that would capture the viewers eye and would bring them into the album cover and cause them to become entangled in it, thus combining communication with interesting visuals. Stefan Sagmeister is a contemporary graphic designer that is staying away from the happy carefree designs and is instead going with more realistic designs that instead carry a more serious message. I agree with his use of design to move people toward a better future. Design is a powerful tool that can be used to influence large masses of people.

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