Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cobalt Monograms

The current project in Typography has been working with element symbols and turning them into monograms.  After doing research on the elements to find their histories and properties we had to create thirty sketches of monograms using our two letters that represent our element.  From this we picked ten of them and corrected them so that they would be more refined. Again we chose the best ones, three this time, and we had to do five variations on it.  The themes of my variations are Alloy, Magnetic, and Hexagonal.  We had to use fonts that were in our font folio and I chose to use Avenir LT Std Light. Hexagonal wouldn't work with a typeface because of its weird shape so I had to create them myself.  I chose to have the lines very thin because the element is extremely brittle.  Given a choice I would have the other sets be this thin too.




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