Monday, October 25, 2010

This is Your Nelson-Atkins on Color.



As I have started to add color to my posters I have been messing around with the idea of 3D glasses like coloring or at least the effect of offset coloring.  This is working for the Nelson–Atkins poster set but the Southmoreland Park posters have larger amounts of small information and color soon becomes overwhelming.  Creating unison through the poster series with a cohesive color palette has become a priority of mine.


  1. The addition of color is great. Some of it reminds me of a slight overprint one might find when screen printing. Why 3d glasses? Bring in other color iterations beside that one approach.

  2. I referenced the 3D glasses for the coloring that I used in some of them. Just the ones that contain the blue and red. I believe these colors go well together and give off the modern vibe of the newer modern art found in the Bloch Building.The overprint effect was the idea that I was going for with these color iterations.