Thursday, October 28, 2010

Posters Galore

This week saw the conclusion of the poster project for Visual Communication. These final posters saw me go full color bleed.  This choice was heavily influenced by the swiss material that I have been researching in typography.  I chose to use popping yellow and black for the Nelson-Atkins poster because I wanted to bring the modern vibe that is found inside the Bloch building into my poster.

Using such powerful colors for the Southmoreland Park posters wouldn't have been in the correct context but I still wanted them to go along with each other.  I did this by sticking with the two tone color palette with black but I used a creamier yellow to have a more naturalistic feel. Cream is also nice because it can go with a lot of other colors in cohesion.  I also changed the typeface on the Southmoreland Park poster to Futura Std like the Nelson poster because the serif typefaces weren't catching the essence of the park.  Futura Std ended up working for the poster because the typeface is round enough that it can still appear to be playful and airy.

I created depth in my Nelson poster with the angle that comes towards the corner.  It causes the poster to recede into space.  The poster for Southmoreland has the pile of dirt and line manipulations in the foreground of the poster. As you get closer there is depth to be found in the pile created by the overlapping in the collage phase.  This poster connects to the general upkeep of the park.  The pile of dirt relates to the piles of trash that can be found in the park after a freshman party. The Nelson poster is representative of the modern art period through its simplicity, composition, and colors.  Throughout the project I worked on each poster idea as a collage first and then edited them after scanning them at high resolution. I found it easier to get my thoughts out with the paper cutouts then I did on the computer.


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