Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Text Image Juxtaposition Reading Responses

Like our current assignment the reading deals with the use of image. The use of modern technology has increased our ability to transform these images so that we may use them to say what we want them to convey.  This could be done through tactics such as image alteration, exaggeration, or combination. Alteration is changing something so that it has characteristics that it used to lack.  The use of exaggeration is like it sounds, the exaggeration of an image to say its meaning.  Using image combination allows the design to compare and contrast images.  An example technique of this being photomontage. Also discussed is the importance of camera angle, cropping, and viewpoint.  These can change the power of a design from being either being static to highly dynamic.  Graphic support images are used to back up the main images.

Unplanned juxtapositions can cause an array of different outcomes.  An image of a poor child next to an ad of food products can cause an contrast of ideas to a distasteful extreme.  While this is a possible outcome the other possibility is that the two juxtaposing images would enhance each others meanings by sharing a similar message.  If a designer were to harness the power juxtaposition then he would gain a powerful tool, since he could then use it to make dynamic pieces with strong meanings.

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