Thursday, October 28, 2010

Final Monogram and Cobalt Spreads

Throughout this project we have been learning about monogram development and gridded page spread design.  While looking online for my find and share I stumbled across a website that ended up being a wonderful source for page spreads from the early days of swiss design to the modern day.  It has 711 different stories that tell the development of influential book design starting around the 1920's.  Each story has lots of pictures of spreads and the use of grids is shown in great detail.  The title of my project was causing me problems because the length was awkward for capitalization.  Capitalizing each word made the title appear blocky and clunky.  Not capitalizing any of the words made the title seem unimportant.  I also tried capitalizing only the first word and what I believed to be the most important words in the title. By doing this I was able to balance out the title's strength.

The website:

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