Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Analog Typographic Pages

Our recent work in Typography has been cutting out letters and words to create compositions that reinforce and enhance the meanings of the word. We are not allowed to design any part of the pages on our laptops. After the compositions are completed we have to scan and print them so that they are cleaned up. At first this seemed like a challenge butI have found that working analog has given me more control over the layout of my pieces. Trying to get the fonts the right size is difficult, but being able to move letters slightly is worth it. Working with computers I found that some designs come out cold and calculated, but working analog allows you to see what the product is going to look like in front of you. Working by hand allows you to really sense where the letters need to go. As the warm up for this project we were given words and we had to create a 6 by 6 inch composition about the word. My word was merge and I decided to do a simple composition where the e and r were starting to merge together. By making this the only area where something interesting was occurring I was hoping to make this area the focal point.

The next portion of this project is to create compositions like the warm up but to instead use our word lists from Visual Communication. The final compositions will be printed on transparencies and will be laid over the pages we have created for VisCom.

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