Sunday, September 5, 2010

Typo, i

The past weeks assignment for Typography has been to continue experimenting with the letters received previously. After drawing the bodoni y out again I noticed that it looked rather tree-like and decided to exploit that. Post critique I now realize that the lines coming off of the drawing are too pointy to convey treeness and its organicness.

The past two days have been filled with patience and a lot more patience to go on top of that. I have been working on creating my perfect letter. It's the letter i in futura. I started off by measuring my letter with my handy dandy ruler and started converting lengths so that the enlarged letter would have an x-height of 6 in. and still be in ratio with the point hovering above the stem. After drawing the letter perfectly centered so that the stem was between the baseline and x-height, I started to practice with painting with gouache and using tape for edges. After placing the first piece of tape I decided to peel it up to make my line straighter. It tore my page very lightly and is hard to notice but I still decided to draw it out again on a fresh page and start over. Post painting the second one I quickly noticed that the dot looked kinda wonky on my page. It had two areas that were kinda pointy and it also look a tad too large. After redoing to drawing and painting process for a third time I finally reached my goal of making a perfect i.

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