Thursday, September 16, 2010

Working With Words

After working with the warm-up for our typographic compositions we have moved on to using the words that are also being used in VisCom. The process was the same as the warm-up. After printing out a sheet with our words repeated over and over again we had to cut the letters out and place them manually onto the templates. After placing all of the hand-cut letters on the templates we had to scan and print them so that they would be seamless on the pages. Altering the contrast proved crucial in fixing the lines that appeared around the edges of the cut paper.
While designing the compositions I noticed that it was easier to create using the words than it was just using dots. I believe this is because Monotype Grotesque is a font with a lot of personality. It is a sans serif font but using the different styles made it easier to contrast different elements. Its different styles range from being very thin to fairly think.

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