Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dots Candy as Letterface

Working through this section of the project proved to be more mentally challenging then I had at first believed it would have been.  It wasn't that it was necessarily hard to place the letters, but doing it over and over again soon became mind numbing. Throughout this phase I worked to keep the same baseline for each letter and each set has its own X-height.

 I tried to take on the personality of my object that I was using when I was creating these letters. My objects were Dots Candy.  Each individual piece of candy was slightly different than the others ones.  Also, candy brings forth the connotations of playfulness and childhood.  I tried embed this characteristic of childlike playfulness into my letterforms by not letting the letters be completely perfect. This makes the letters appear to be a little looser than a tight composition would have looked like.  This could be mistaken as an inability to line up the candy perfectly, but by keeping an unwavering consistency in baseline and x-heights I was showing that I was purposfully placing the candy a little wonky.


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