Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Love Words

After having a one-on-one critique with Marty I have been revising my compositions for my book about dystopian Urban Culture.

My previous deterioration was close to this one but the side with it has been placed has been changed to allow for the binding to occur without the words being cut off. Also I have fixed it so that all the pieces that I removed and cut out are not on just the right side.

The original composition I had for panic was alright but needed a small amount of editing to push the point across. The first piece used a style for Grotesque Modern Std that was too playful for panic. By increasing the size of the letters and the thickness of the letters it brings out a more sudden and sharp feeling that could be considered panic inducing.

Beginning this week we started on the cover compositions. Using my title for a composition become tricky because it is a large word that doesn't have a simple meaning. The main title is ecumenoplis which is greek for a city that covers an entire world. I found the only way to convey this sense of grand size was to have my title as very large text that was squeezed by the sides of the page. I also tried to curve the word on another piece so that it would look like the outline of the world but I found this to be very illustrative and the curve became hard to design around.

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