Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Color Craziness

We are finally starting to learn about color. I remember when I first started doing art and wanted to take a color class but soon , after hearing remarks about it being boring, started to dislike the idea of this class. Now that I am actually learning about color Im finding it to be very interesting. the scientificness of it is crazy. A main point of learning color theory is to learn what colors go together. These are called color harmonies. The first one is complementary which is the color that directly across from each other. when next to each other they are very vibrant. Split complementary are a color and the two colors that make up its complementary. It still has the activity but is toned down. Another one is double complimentary, which is a horrible idea to use. It is way too many opposing colors. Analogous is colors that touch each other on the spectrum. This is a static color palette. Tiadic are three color that are evenly spaced within themselves. They oppose each other and are unpleasing. Monochromatic palettes are of just one color.

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