Sunday, September 19, 2010

Interaction of Color

Studying color is making me realize the different perceptions of color each person has. Every one could have very small perceptual differences that could cause them to see color completely differently. This of course makes the study of color rather complicated as color soon becomes a personal and unique experience. As designers we must learn about the colors, hues, tints, saturations, and shades so that we can maximize the use of color in conveying and expressing what we intended for it to say. This becomes an art of manipulation. There are some rules that govern color that help in learning this color manipulation. Using reversed backgrounds you can cause colors that are the same to either look cooler or warmer. Another helpful tool is the use of color to create spatial relationships. With this a designer would be able to create depth for the viewer to become ensnared in. Another source of color manipulation is the use of colors to change how the viewer sees the color that is being bordered.

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