Sunday, September 12, 2010

Revamped Dot Compositions

After having a one-on-one critique with Jamie on my dot Compositions I set off on the task of fixing them and in two cases making new compositions all together. A number of my pieces just needed a little tweaking to fix. Be it spacial relationships or just creating more groupings to make my pieces flow better. I have started looking at my source material have found two book sources. One book is about urban architecture, which has pictures of construction and interior frameworks of buildings. The other book is a huge collection of 9/11 photos. This book will be my source for the compositions that need mayhem and destruction. I am also thinking of including cut up pieces of clothing in my book as a way of bringing humanity into the pages.
I am also continuing my research of Russian Constructivism. I have found multiple books in the library that have examples of work and explain the movement and its design philosophies.




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